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Broccoli Extract

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The broccoli extract is a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin C and minerals such as copper and zinc, and it helps to maintain a healthy skin. Broccoli is also full of vitamin K, amino acids and folate, making it ideal for maintaining healthy skin immunity. This means that broccoli protects the skin from infections while keeping the natural glow of your skin. Broccoli extract reduces skin redness and damage. The extract from broccoli has a high concentration of Sulforaphane. The researchers found that broccoli extract might be useful in the protection from UV radiation, especially in people with suppressed immunity who are most exposed at the risk of getting skin cancer. Unlike sunscreen, the broccoli extract does not actually block sunlight from striking the skin. This means that it does not interfere with the body’s ability to synthesize vitamin D, a crucial nutrient which is produced after exposure to ultraviolet rays. The majority of the people living in cities suffer from vitamin D deficiency, thus leading to a greatly increased risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, depression, and bone disorders like osteoporosis.